I believe in the strength and authenticity of women. As a woman you are perfect just the way you are.

“As you are” comes from the belief that no woman is one-dimensional. Women have more distinctive characteristics, more layers and more than one role to fulfill in their lives. A woman is powerful, vulnerable, brave, feminine and so much more.

From this belief I started designing jewelry. Starting my own business was the first step in a process of learning to stand for who I truly am, what I want out of life and to do what really makes me happy.

For 20 years I had worked for my former employer and when my job claimed its toll on a personal level, I knew it was time for a change. Trusting the process and outcome was a challenge, but today I can say that I’m very happy I’m able to combine my love and passion for life, travel and personal development with designing and creating jewelry.

With Indy & Noa I want to celebrate womens authenticity in all those different roles and layers. With handmade unique jewelry that complement all those different aspects of her character.

“As you are – whoever you choose to be”, because  you are perfect the way you are.