Driven by the motto “as you are”, Judith is determined to bring a higher awareness of selflove amongst women. As an entrepreneur, a creator and as a woman, she is on a mission to help other women understand that no ambition is too big. Too many women feel they do not measure up to societies expectations, feeling they have to fulfill a certain image, making them compromise on their spirit, their pride, their talents and strength.

With her infinite commitment and determination to create unique jewelry for women, encouraging them to understand, that they deserve it to be seen and appreciated for who they are. She motivates them to embrace their authenticity, living a life according to their values and beliefs, being true to themselves rather than what the world think they should be. In this way women will learn to see that possibilities are infinite and feeling inspired to live a more meaningful life.

With her love for gemstones and her believe that all gemstones embody concentrated energy that resonate in a profound way with the human body, it’s her passion to design and create jewelry from the strength of gemstones, combined with high-quality materials. Resulting in unique handmade jewelry, created with love, that suit women’s strength and personality.

Judith recently created the collection connected as we are jewelry, inspired by the believe that we are all connected, acknowledging the need and necessity to be loved and to belong.